Skin Talk will soon be Hydris.

This past year has been wild. It’s the first time in around six years that I’ve remained in one place for more than three months. I’ve been living with my family, in the depths of the countryside, in South Somerset, close to both Devon and Dorset borders. It has been wonderful and challenging at the same time.

Being here has given me the chance to connect with a place for the long term and put my creative ideas into fruition, with a tangible business that has direction.

I started the business planning process back in October and have been working on research, formulation, product development and branding since then, in my own time of course. A whole year!

My new identity will be, HYDRIS – 100% natural skincare for those who are exposed to the elements. I will still be writing about sustainability, ethics and active lifestyles and my blog will remain the same name, but soon will be a brand new sparkly website with a shop and more interesting articles!

Stay tuned!

Marnie X