Behind the face of Skin Talk: Hello from Marnie

Skin Talk was developed as a space for discussion and investigation around all things sustainable, particularly which involve individuals behind stories of sustainability. The initial idea came about whilst conducting research for an MSc at The University of Edinburgh, where I focused on the ethics of ‘green’ consumerism and in particular the green personal care market segment. After noticing a steady rise in the amount of skincare products labelled organic, fair-trade, cruelty and toxin free, I decided to dig a little deeper and assess what these factors actually meant – whether corporate greenwashing was at play or whether it involved a genuine consumer demand with environmental and social credentials.

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Marnie in the mountains. Mt Cook, New Zealand.

I enjoy creating and developing ideas (as broad as that sounds) and love the process of observing, listening and mulling over various subjects. I plan to use Skin Talk to bring my creative mind into fruition, whilst still having somewhat scientific undertones. In the past this has manifested into various mediums; dance, performance, music, writing, photography, craft, even fashion. I am driven by ideas. Often these have taken an abstract approach towards my own personal projects and goals.

Working at sea, Montenegro.

I enjoy being outside in the fresh air and particualry love being near the water. I have worked at sea for almost five years and I’m working towards gaining more sea miles to undertake more maritime training. I love sailing. I love the ocean. I am developing an ocean friendly personal care range to attempt to tackle plastic pollution and become part of a solution driven movement within the maritime industry.

My research is ongoing, given that environmental issues are often complex and ever changing. I plan to move with the times, and carry on unpicking important topics that need to become part of a wider, global agenda. I plan to use Skin Talk to share other inspiring stories of individuals doing their bit.

Marnie working in socks and sandals, Urubamba, Peru.

I am a firm believer in practising sustainability through various aspects of our lives. For me this really means exercising mindfulness through our choices and actions; towards ourselves, towards others, towards our environment. It means being thoughtful, inquisitive, following leads, staying informed, being responsible, being content when we can, having grand plans and chipping away at them. It means a number of things.

Marnie practising Yoga in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

Wellbeing has been a great tool for me, particularly yoga (Ashtanga). But it isn’t my life. Sometimes I don’t practise for months, but I know I can step back to it and feel at home. That’s why I love it. I am a trained massage therapist and use this for work when I’m away. I have travelled and worked all over the world and like to think of myself as a global citizen, as well as just a girl from Liverpool.