Writings from Panama/ The Caribbean.

Visiting the islands of the southern Caribbean came at exactly the right time. Not only because of personal circumstances, but because things were getting stuck with the ways to approach our business, which is still in the premature stages. Having a beautiful blend of sea and land in the surroundings is what inspired us to work on our business with more focus. Those who live and work at sea will understand that personal care requires a little more attention and this is where the next stages of our business have unfolded – developing a naturally derived product line for the marine industry. 

Sustainable Business Values

Integrating sustainability at every possible level is something our product line will maintain, but something that will be continually innovative, fluctuating and changing. We feel it’s important to be aligned with new, environmentally friendly production methods as well as consumer trends. From a short supply chain (sourcing raw ingredients at a local level), to building personal relationships with oversees suppliers. The beauty of the digital age is that brand values can really reflect personal values and we aim to do so.

100% Natural Skincare

This is something that will never change or fluctuate. All our products will contain 100% naturally derived ingredients, be 100% vegan and cruelty free. We also want to gain organic certification from the UK’s Soil Association and COSMOS International, which will be part of our future steps (stay tuned).

Zero Waste, Zero Plastic Skincare

This is something that will be integrated in the production and distribution stages of the business. Given that skincare products are fast moving consumer goods, it is important to develop a long lasting product range that is made with biodegradable packaging. We will not use any plastics in our range.

High Performance Skincare

The skincare, cosmetic and personal care industry can be highly saturated, overpriced and often deceitful. Developing a product line that is transparent and performs well is part of our duty as a brand. Working with the marine industry, it is also important to develop a range of reliable, high performance products.

Environmentally Driven Skincare

We are dedicated to environmentally driven projects and goals. Part of brand values are to support external projects such as protecting biodiversity, reducing air pollution and encouraging an eco friendly discourse form day to day.